Sunday, November 29, 2009


The UPA Government with beating of drums has announced initiation of austerity drive in view of the unprecedented economic crisis engulfing the entire country. Almost all the ministries and the departments of the Central Government and their ministers have been more or less abiding by the decision of the government in letter and spirit. The exception to the same is Mamata Banerjee and other Ministers belonging to her party.

She has in fact turned the Railway Ministry into her personal property. Showing thumb to the prime minister, she has been engaged in one after another inauguration of old trains in new names and laying afresh foundations stones of the same old projects spending huge money from the railway exchequer. Moreover, she has also been announcing one after another projects without having the sanction of neither the Railway Ministry nor the UPA Government.

Her follower Minister for Shipping Mukul Roy is not lagging behind her in this respect. He has spent more than Rs. 3 Lakhs for hiring the car in which he travels in the last 3 months since taking oath. The Calcutta Port Trust, which is under his ministry, has paid the entire bill to the “Pandey Travels” wherefrom the car has been hired. The details of the bills are as follows.

10-07-2009: Rs. 6,898=00
12-08-2009: Rs. 40,294=00
07-09-2009: Rs. 16,452=00
09-09-2009: Rs. 89,023=00
20-09-2009: Rs. 92,224=00
03-11-2009: Rs. 95,895=00

The total expenditure incurred on hired car comes to Rs. 3,40,786 (Rupees Three Lakhs Forty Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty-six).
Though he has spent such huge money on hiring a car for himself from the fund of the Calcutta Port Trust, he has visited the said organization for 3 times only during this period.

If a union minister spends more than Rs.1 Lakh on hiring a car only for official purpose, it can be imagined easily how much is incurred from public exchequer on his other facilities and amenities. This is nothing but blatant loot and plunder of public money.

Apart from travel business, the Pandey Travels have other businesses also. Shri Mukul Roy has inaugurated the “MBL Institute of Management”, a private college, owned by the Pandey Travels on 28-11-2009 on Chowringhee Road, Kolkata. This office of this private business organization is housed on the ground floor of Shantiniketan Building on Camac Street, Kolkata.

The sycophant spineless intellectuals are shamelessly silent on loot of public money by a union minister.

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