Saturday, October 24, 2009


Ø Mamata Banerjee has very successfully and efficiently been able to convert the Indian Railways into personal property of her and her party.

Ø Her party flags remain hoisted and unfurled everywhere inside, outside and at the top of most of the railway stations in West Bengal.

Ø Even on 15th August, 2009 instead of National Flag, her party flags were hoisted at the top of the administrative buildings of Bandel and Kadambgachi Railway Stations in West Bengal.

Ø Besides, she hoisted the National Flag at midnight of 14th August, 2009 in gross violation of the relevant provisions of the concerned acts and laws.

Ø Most of the Railway Stations have been turned into her party office. These are controlled by her party men. Her supporters travel in trains without tickets under the impression that it is their private property and fundamental right.

Ø The official functions of the Indian Railways have been used as a platform to preach and propagate her ideas and politics and promote her party interests.

Ø In every official function of the Indian Railways, few perverted greedy sycophant ‘so-called intellectuals’, people having loyalty to her only, her party hooligans and party leaders are allowed to remain present all along. She remains surrounded by Naxalite and Maoist leaders, who manage and control the entire function. The railway officials are mere onlookers.

Ø Having been ailed by the wailings of private enterprises due to ongoing global economic recession she has started pursuing with added zeal steadfast privatization of the Indian Railways under the guise of Public Private Partnership (PPP)

Ø She has already taken a decision to hand over 1, 22,000 acres of unused surplus land of the Indian Railways to commercial entrepreneurs as bonanza for construction of Luxurious 5 Star Hotels, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Real Estates, Resorts, etc. through Public Private Partnership (PPP) Projects in spite of knowing fully the fact that most of these lands are agricultural and acquired by the respective state governments for a particular purpose of expansion of Indian Railways only. Hence, in terms of relevant provisions the concerned acts these lands cannot be used for any purpose, whatsoever, other than the particular purpose for which they have been acquired under Land Acquisition Act, 1894.

Ø Life long AC Free Railway Passes have been distributed gratuitously and charitably amongst some listed perverted, bankrupt, spineless and greedy ‘so-called’ intellectuals loyal to her and amongst her sycophants.

Ø These blind anti-Communist, anti-Leftist, anti-working-class and anti-toiling masses ‘so-called’ intellectuals hankering after National Awards, money and special privileges for themselves and their near-ones are accommodated berths on Railway Committees especially set up for the purpose at huge public expenses.

Ø Without consulting the State Government or taking the approval of the Statutory Committee of the Indian Railways she has named railways stations unilaterally and whimsically.

Ø Instead of maintaining austerity, huge public money of the Indian Railways is spent extravagantly on her publicity and in every function of the Indian Railways attended by her.

Ø In the name of saving “agricultural land” and ‘environment’ she with the help of Maoists, Naxalites, SUCI, land Sharks, Land Brokers, Land Mafias, real estate promoters, hardened criminals, industrial competitors, few perverted, dishonest, self-centered, sycophant, spineless, greedy anti-Communist, anti-Leftist, anti-toiling masses ‘so-called’ intellectuals, did not allow forcibly coming up of much-awaited Chemical Hub at Nandigram, Tata’s Nano Factory at Singur, expansion of National Highways, construction of Hospitals, I.T. Parks, Bridges, Aerodromes, Industries, Thermal Power Plants, etc. in West Bengal.

Ø Now the Indian Railways under her minister-ship is actively in process to acquire 35,000 acres of prime 2-crop/3-crop agricultural land for the railways under the same Land Acquisition Act, 1894 which she opposed violently in Singur, Nandigram and other places for pushing her narrow political agenda.

Ø The Tollygunge-Garia Extension of Metro Rail in Kolkata costing over Rs.1100 crores is a Joint Venture of Central Government and State Government. It was initiated by State Government in 1998 itself. It has shared above 33% of its cost. Besides, it acquired land and rehabilitated all evicted people. During its entire execution period Mamata Banerjee opposed the project vehemently and forcibly along with hooligans of CPI (Maoist), Naxalites and her party to sabotage the project. After becoming the Railways Minister she has shamelessly started claiming for herself all credits for the same and inaugurated the project on 22nd August, 2009 after naming its stations unilaterally without inviting Chief Minister and the Mayor of Kolkata. The entire function was turned into her party’s platform for political campaigning and merrymaking of her sycophant perverted ‘so-called’ intellectuals and hooligans.

Ø The abnormal haste in starting the Tollygunge-Garia Extension of Metro Rail without ensuring required safety measures and infrastructure for gaining political mileage only has landed the ever increasing number of passengers in great danger and risk.

Ø 500 acres of prime agricultural land is being acquired for expansion of railways from Howrah’s Borogachia to Hooghly’s Champadanga.

Ø In the name of construction of 1000 MW Power Plant at Adra, more than 66, 70,000 valuable full grown trees are being felled showing thumb to the statutory provisions.

Ø Railway Officials such as Station Manager and Station Master of Srirampur Railway Station in West Bengal, who are actively engaged in promoting her politics by way of opposing the Left Front and its mass organizations, have been rewarded adequately.

Ø Most of the “Lady’s Special Trains” introduced by her are running in loss for non-availability of passengers.

Ø She has provided the gimmick of new employment but not a single word she uttered about filling up the 1, 72,444 posts lying vacant in the Railways.

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