Sunday, October 25, 2009


West Bengal is the only state where elections to the Assembly, Municipalities, Panchayats and other local self governments are held regularly, timely, peacefully and smoothly. Here the leftists have all along been commanding the unequivocal confidence and support of the working class and downtrodden masses. The Left Front Government is in power for more than 33 years showing alternative path to the rest of the country like the North Star. The state government has been able to safeguard and uphold the interest of the peasants, workers and toiling masses. The Members of the Parliament belonging to the mainstream Leftist Parties are on the forefront in the struggle against anti-people and anti-national policies of the Central Government both inside and outside the Parliament. As a result of their vehement opposition, the signing of the Indo-American Nuclear Pact inimical to the interests of the country was delayed. The Leftists have, therefore, become the main enemies of the Congress Party, the American Imperialism and the big business houses. All of them have, therefore, ganged up with money, media, purchased bankrupt intellectuals and terrorist outfits of all order to destabilize the leftist movement in West Bengal. Mamata Banerjee and her rainbow alliance is their creation as was done to subvert Hungary, Checkslovakia, Poland and other Communist ruled countries in Europe.

Most of the ‘so-called’ anti-Communist intellectuals supporting Mamata Banerjee and Maoists had either remained silent or actively supported the semi-Fascist terror of 1972-1977 and the Emergency imposed by Smt. Indira Gandhi on the nation them on political considerations. At that time, their Supremo Mamata Banerjee was part and parcel of both the semi Fascist terror and the Emergency. Hundreds of youngsters were brutally murdered within different jails of West Bengal by the then Government. These intellectuals supported it. When their ‘Didi’ did not allow Jay Prakash Narayan to address a meeting at Calcutta University in 1974 and danced indecently on the bonnet of the car in which he was travelling, these intellectuals were nowhere to criticize the incident. Some even hailed Mamata. Some of their politician-turned-retired-bureaucrats had played enthusiastic role in the implementation of Semi Fascist terror and the Emergency during this period.

With the installation of the Left Front Government in 1977, these greedy and self-seeking intellectuals changed side and got deeply engaged in sycophancy of the leftist leaders for purely personal gains. Most of these ‘so-called’ intellectuals were seen sticking to the Chief Minister of West Bengal wherever he went and other leaders of the Left Front like leeches and parasites for earning undue favours. During this period they tried to prove their over loyalty to them. Their proximity and shameless adulation during these 32 years of Left rule enabled them to manage unduly and improperly flats, lucrative plots of valuable lands in posh areas, employment and berths in different places of profit making not only for themselves but also for their near, dear and far ones.

When they realized that no more facilities or concessions could be extracted, they have changed side again assuming that the days of the Left Front were numbered. The Nandigram issue was nothing but a lame excuse to cross over the side and joined the bandwagon of Mamata Banerjee and Maoists in the name of fighting for agricultural land, environment and human rights.

During this unfortunate engineered incident of 14 deaths at Nandigram, the enslaved intellectuals along with media and terrorist outfits had unleashed a flood of distorted, malicious, false, concocted fabricated and frenzied propaganda and campaign of mass murder, rape and so on against CPI (M) as was repeatedly done in the past against Communists during the Indo-China War, Indo-Pakistan War, Rabindra Sarovar Stadium incident, murder of Hemanta Bose and alleged rape of Chapala Sardar on the eve of Panchayat elections in 1998.

From 01-09-2008 till now more than 160 CPI (M) supporters of different castes and religions including 56 tribals, 37 Muslims and 58 Scheduled Castes have been butchered by Maoists, TMC, Congress and SUCI goon. Thousands have already been evicted from their home, land and profession. Their females have been raped and molested. Their houses torched and plundered and razed to ground. But these perverted intellectuals have been shamelessly and horribly glorifying the butchering of CPI (M) supporters instead of criticizing the spilling of human blood of people irrespective of political affiliation.

When the joint force moved into Lalgarh on 18-06-2009 for operation against Maoists and other native and cross the border terrorist outfits to curb their antinational, uncivilized and barbaric activities, the ‘so-called’ intellectuals sold out to imperialists, land mafias and big business houses rushed there with a pledge to save and shield Chatradhar Mahato and his goons and murderers. They, with their obligation to imperialism, unsuccessfully tried to raise uproar in the name of violation of ‘so-called’ human rights of the terrorists and butchers in Lalgarh in order to appease Mamata Banerjee.

It is shocking to say the least that this dishonest and fraudulent gang of anti-Communist, anti-leftist and hypocrite intellectuals still shamelessly and unsuccessfully boast and pretend themselves to be ‘neutral’ and ‘impartial’. Their main function and responsibility is to glorify the Fascist leader and encash any incident in order to accredit enormous political mileage to her who is nothing but a personification of indiscipline, arrogance, blatant lies and duplicity and instal her as the next Chief Minister of the state as planned and designed by imperialists and corporate sector companies.

Some of them have already been successful in managing from their ‘Didi’ Life Long Free A.C. Railway Passes with one companion and berths on various Railway Committees especially set up to accommodate them at huge public expenses. Now, they have been standing in queue jostling and elbowing at the door of Mamata Banerjee for tickets to State Assembly Elections in 2011, Padma Shree, Padma Bhusan, Padma Vihusan and other national awards for their shameless sycophancy and slavery.

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