Saturday, October 24, 2009


On 29-09-2009 Sudhir Kumar, Executive Director, Electrical Engineering (Development), Railway Board has issued a Global Tender inviting private entrepreneurships to quote for building a factory at Dankuni for the manufacture of modern railway engines on the basis of “Build On and Operate” principle. It is said in the tender that the Indian Railways would lease out 300 acres of land after developing it by way of spending Rs. 123 crores. The Indian Railways will be bound to purchase at least 100 engines from this private factory every year.

So far Mamata Banerjee not only talked high against privatization but also did not forcibly allow coming up factories at Singur, Nandigram and other places in West Bengal in the name of saving agricultural land. She used the Maoists and other anti-national forces for this purpose.

But now she herself is hell bent on gifting railway lands and properties to private entrepreneurships at nominal rates say free of costs.

In this connection, it is pertinent to mention that privatization of the Indian Railways started on the recommendations of the Prakash Tandon Committee in 1993.

Subsequently, the Rakesh Mohan Committee had submitted on 12-02-2001 its recommendations to the then Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee for the corporatisation of 6 manufacturing units. She had not objected to the recommendations.

Now after eight long years, she has again taken initiative for the privatization of the Indian Railways. She has two purposes in mind.

(1) To hasten the death of Chittaranjan Locomotive Works which has been suffering for want of orders. The placement of order on this works has already been brought down to 60 from 150 every year by the Indian Railways.

(2) To hand over railway lands to the private entrepreneurships in spite of knowing fully that they were acquired under LA Act, 1894 for a particular purpose and not for handing over to private parties.

This is nothing but utter duplicity and fraud on the part of Mamata Banerjee. She thinks the people stupid and idiot. She also thinks that people believe and accept whatever she says and does. It is not understood how long the people go on tolerating this type of woman in the Indian politics.

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