Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The Maoists believe in the “annihilation of class enemies” and in “extreme violence” as a means to armed seizure of state power through guerrilla warfare. With this perspective, participation in elections and engagement with the prevailing ‘democracy’ are rejected. Their actions and ideas are incompatible to a democratic set up.

The CPI (Maoist) is a four-tier organization. The first tier consists of Maoist ideologues, the 2nd the ‘so-called’ intellectuals and human rights organization, the 3rd being its frontal organizations and the 4th the armed cadres.

The Maoist terrorist outfit is actually a perversion of Marxism-Leninism. In fact, it is an organization of assassins, hired killers, extortionists, blackmailers and mercenaries. It reportedly owns a fund amounting to more than 1,500 crores. The operation of the Maoists not only remain concentrated to kidnapping and looting of passengers traveling in trains and buses but also felling and selling of costly trees in collusion with wood smugglers in Jharkhand, Lalgarh, Jangalmahal and other areas. They also blow up bridges and other structures made of low quality materials to destroy proofs and evidences in order to help the contractors in exchange of money. In the name of fighting SEZ they are actually creating their own SEZ (Special Exploitation Zone) wherein these activities can be carried out uninterruptedly in the name of ‘so-called’ revolution and ‘Maoism’.

In last one year (from September, 2008 to August, 2009) the Maoists have killed 253 police personnel in different parts of the country.

Maharashtra is the worst affected state. Here, so far the Maoists have killed 72 police personnel. Next comes Chhattisgarh where 68 policemen have become victim to the Maoist violence. Then comes Jharkhand where 51 police personnel have fallen prey to the Maoists.

So far they have killed a total of 845 security personnel including police in the country. The state wise figure is as hereunder.


4 jawans of CISF killed in Chathisgarh


17 policemen killed in Gadchirouli, Maharashtra


2 policemen killed in Bijapur, Karnataka


11 policemen killed in Jharkhand


10 policemen in killed in Jharkhand


9 policemen killed in Jharkhand


16 policemen killed in Gadchirouli in Maharashtra


10 policemen killed in Orissa


21 policemen killed in Orissa


38 policemen killed in Orissa


12 policemen killed in Orissa


24 policemen killed in Chathisgarh


9 policemen killed in Bihar


5 policemen killed in Chathisgarh


49 policemen killed in Chathisgarh


25 policemen killed in Chathisgarh


8 policemen killed in Chathisgarh

Some ‘so-called’ intellectuals as well as ‘pseudo’ human rights activists representing the Maoists have been urging the Governments both at the centre and the states to lay down arms and shun ‘so-called’ state terror as a pre-condition for a dialogue with the Maoists. They are of course intentionally playing into the hands of the antinational terrorist outfit with some ulterior motive despite knowing fully their ultimate aim, objective and modus operandi.

These perverts never condemn one after another brutality perpetrated by the Maoists in different states for the last few years. Abduction, extortion of money at gun point, butchering, open trial & sentencing to death in public and other gruesome activities on the part of the Maoists seem to them a birthright of the perpetrators. On the other hand, whenever the Government arrests any of them or takes any action in the defence of the common people from the Maoist marauders they plunge into the arena making a hue and cry in the name of ‘so-called’ human rights and natural justice for them under the constitution, which the Maoists discard.

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