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The well calculated pre-planned mysterious drama of hijacking New Delhi bound Bhubaneswar-Rajdhani Express on 27th October, 2009 by the Maoists in connivance with the Railway Minister endangering more than 200 passengers including women and children for the release of Maoist leader Chattradhar Mahato by way of black-mailing and its subsequent developments have raised many a questions in the minds of the people of the country.

· When the news about the detention of the Bhubaneswar-New Delhi Rajdhani Express by the Maoists reached Mamata Banerjee during her press briefing at the same time of happening, why was she hell bent on proving that it was not the handiwork of the terrorist outfit?

· Why till today she has not once condemned the Maoists by name for the ghastly incident of detention of Rajdhani Express?

· Why is she still bent upon shielding the Maoists?

· Why there was no Railway Protection Force in spite of knowing fully that the train was to pass through Maoist infested forest area of Jangalmahal? Why did the RPF get down at Kharagpur Railway Station allowing the train to proceed without any escort? How did this news of the train proceeding without escort reach the Maoists in advance who captured it so easily without any resistance?

· 2443-UP Bhubaneswar-Rajdhani Express usually leaves on Monday and Friday from Bhubaneswar. But this train left on Tuesday. So, it was a special train. Despite this fact, the train was running without any escort from Kharagpur.

· When the train neared the Banstala Railway Station, why was its speed slowed down?

· The Central Home Secretary Shri G.K.Pillai very categorically said that the incident was the handiwork of the Maoists in the garb of PCPA. Despite this admission, why the frontal organization of the Maoists working under the name and style PCPA (People’s Committee against Police Atrocities), which was responsible for the incident, was not named in the FIR lodged by the Railway Authorities with the concerned Police Station?

· Despite being the mob led by TMC leaders Santosh Mahato of Kantapahari, Man Singh Kisku of Tiyakathi, Dileswar Mahato of Nalbona, Paru Mahato of Baghghada, Madan Mahato and Fantus Murmu of Bhulabheda, Badal Mahato and Bidyut Singh of Dharampur and Maoists, why the Railway Authorities did not mention their name in the FIR?

In this connection it would not be out of place to mention that all these TMC leaders were also present beside top Maoist leader Kishanji during the release of the abducted police officer Atindranath Dutta on 22-10-2009 in front of Bhulageda Primary School in the presence of media. The whole country witnessed this drama in different TV Channels.

· When the train restarted its journey, why the graffiti asking for release of Maoist leader Chatradhar Mahato and other political slogans written on the train compartments by Ragesh Mahato, a TMC leader of Kharagpur No. 2 Block, were not erased? Was it a plan to reach the message to the entire nation?

· When the train reached New Delhi Station, why the passengers were not allowed to meet media persons?

· The Central Minister Sisir Adhikari has categorically informed the media that he had prior information about the attack on the train. Being in a responsible position, why did not he inform the Intelligence agencies of both the Central Government and the State Government as well as the Indian Railways in the larger interest of the safety and security of the train and its passengers.

· The Maoists have blown up railway station, railway tracks and other infrastructures of the Indian Railways in different parts of the country. They have openly taken responsibility for the same. But till today why Mamata Banerjee being the Railway Minister has not yet once condemned the Maoists by name for the same?

Does not it prove that the whole episode was a joint operation engineered and carried out planfully by Mamata Banerjee and the Maoists for the release of the Maoist TMC leader Chatradhar Mahato?

Being at the helm of the Home Ministry, P. Chidambram must have report about the unholy alliance between the Maoists and Mamata Banerjee. Despite all these serious questions, facts and circumstances, both the Prime Minister and the Home Minister have been playing duplicity with the nation by defending the Railway Minister for petty political gains which is not only unbecoming on their part but also poses a serious threat to the internal security and safety of the entire country.

It is proved beyond doubt that all their tall talk about the Maoist menace is nothing but an eyewash and hypocrisy.

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