Saturday, October 24, 2009


Bratya Basu is a well-known pro-Mamata Banerjee and pro-Maoist dramatist. He is notorious for his blind anti-CPI (M) stand. He maintains regular close contacts with the Maoists. He has also visited Lalgarh a number of times to encourage them in their destructive activities and butchering of poor innocent people. During the last Parliamentary Elections this man had very actively worked for the candidates of Mamata Banerjee.

This so-called intellectual has done a shooting of a pro-Maoist feature film from 6th October, 2009 to 13th October, 2009 at Noongola in Howrah which falls within the own area of the Indian Railways. The film is purely a politically motivated one and is not connected with the railways in any way.

It is surprising to see that throwing all rules and regulations to winds, Mamata Banerjee had instructed in writing the railway officials and employees to be on duty to help the shooting in two shifts.

This is nothing but blatant misuse of the Indian Railways for the cause of the anti-national Maoists who are engaged in blowing up bridges, railway stations, rail tracks and other properties of the Indian Railways and in kidnapping railway officials in different states of the country.

Again and again, Dr. Manmohan Singh has termed the Maoists as the largest single threat to the internal security and safety of the country. At present, the central forces with the help of state forces are on joint offensives against the butcher Maoists in a number of states. But one of his important Central Ministers is directly in link with the Maoists and defending them publicly.

The nation, therefore, wants to know how long will he tolerate Mamata Banerjee in his cabinet?

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