Saturday, October 24, 2009


Now-a-days the Metro trip has become a nightmarish ride. The commuters have to brave the ordeal of abusive words and accusing eyes in overcrowded trains. Horrible experience of jostling and elbowing is invariably associated with the journey. At peaks hours it is really difficult to board the Metro. Most of the time the coaches burst at their seams. The sliding doors refuse to close as a result of heavy rush. Late running of trains has become a routine affair. Besides, the commuters are inconvienced by the naming of the stations between Tollygunge and Garia.

There is no denying the fact that before extension it was no so.

Names are associated with the history of the place. Stations on the old Metro stretch have names of places like ‘Dum Dum’, ‘Belgachia, ‘Sovabazar’ and so on. When one asks for a ticket for any of these places it sounds very correct and normal. There are only four stations on this stretch named after great persons like “Jatin Das Park”, “Girish Park”, “Rabindra Sadan” and “Netaji Bhavan”. But it would sound somewhat odd and ridiculous if the words “Park”, ‘Sadan’ or ‘Bhavan’ were not there. The names of places would have been more helpful.

Renaming railway stations in remembrance of celebrities and martyrs for petty political gain is a matter of shame and disgrace. When at the ticket counters commuters shout “Give me three Nazrul” or “Please one Masterda” or “I want two Uttam Kumar” does it glorify those great men? Do those not sound ludicrous?

Mamata Banerjee in an official-turned-party function attended by the Governor of West Bengal, her party supporters and some sycophant “so-called” intellectuals singing, dancing and performing tricks and feats of jugglery to her tune inaugurated the joint venture project on 22nd August, 2009 in an abnormal haste without inviting the state government in order to earn narrow political mileage without considering the safety, security and convenience of the commuters. She named the metro stations without consulting the state government out of insular political considerations.

Metro is a national property. But she thinks the Indian Railways and the Metro to be her personal property. Her action is nothing but insult and humiliation of the great persons. She has practically been successful in reducing them to a laughing stock. Will the people of the state ever forgive her for this sort of whims and caprices translated into reality at the cost of the nation?

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