Saturday, October 24, 2009


A the time of flagging off Sealdah-New Delhi Durant Express on 18-09-2009, Miss Mamata Banerjee urged the CPI (M) to desist from engaging in blockade of railway tracks for the development of the state. IT SOUNDS LIKE THE DEVIL WORSHIPPING GOD. The whole country saw how Mamata Banerjee and her goons on the slightest pretext have destroyed time and again the valuable property inside the West Bengal Legislative Assembly, burnt all kinds of both public and private vehicles to ashes, damaged government offices and its properties worth crores and crores of rupees. She had obstructed railways tracks and National Highways for days together during Singur and Nandigram agitations including Durgapur Highway Express. Even, she did not pay any kind of heed to the directions of the Hon’ble High Court of Kolkata. It is she who forcibly did not allow coming up of much-awaited Chemical Hub at Nandigram, Tata’s Nano Factory at Singur, expansion of National Highways, construction of Hospitals, I.T. Parks, Bridges, Aerodromes, Industries, Thermal Power Plants, etc. in West Bengal. Now she advises about importance and necessity of industrialization and demerits of blockade of railway tracks causing public.

An account of her destructive activities on different pretexts during 2007 and 2008 are furnished hereunder.

(1) She resorted to blockade of Metro Channel for 26 days in the name of sit-in-protest at Dharmatala in Kolkata against Nano Car Project at Singur.

(2) Blockade of Durgapur Express Way for 17 days in order to drive away the Nano Car Project.

(3) Blockade of roads in Kolkata over 32 times during these two years.

(4) Blockade of railway tracks over 28 times in Kolkata and in its surroundings.

(5) Blockade of railway tracks throughout the state for 2 times for an hour during this period of 2 years.

(6) 12 Hours’ Bangla Bandh for 12 times during last two years.

(7) All night Blockade of road before the residence of the Chief Minister.

(8) 54 government vehicles were damaged in Kolkata in these two years.

(9) 26 government vehicles were burnt to ashes during this period.

She thinks that the people of the country are stupid and foolish. They will believe her words like those of the Ramayana, the Quran and the Bible as Hitler in Germany had assumed. She has not yet realized that her sheer dishonesty, duplicity, political gimmick and fraudulence for election gains stand exposed.

Now, the pertinent question is that how long such type of arrogant and irresponsible leader will be tolerated in public life and allowed in holding the country to ransom.

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