Saturday, October 24, 2009


The Indian Railways was a symbol of pride, punctuality and comfort till recently. Since the day Mamata Banerjee has taken the charge of the Railway Ministry, it has in fact landed in a state of utter mess and anarchy. Instead of serving the whole nation as a Central Minister, she is more interested in remaining in West Bengal most of the time inciting her supporters to create law and order problems with an eye to the next assembly elections to be held in 2011.Besides, she is engaged in the drama of inaugurating one after another old trains in new names spending extravagantly from public exchequer. Moreover, she has been imposing her whimsical and fanciful decisions on the railways for petty political gains. Following are the adverse affects created as a result of her drama, inefficiency, total apathy and whimsical decisions.

· Frequent Railway accidents have become a common phenomenon.

· Dacoities and loot of railway passengers throughout the country has increased manifolds.

· The safety and security of the railway passengers are at stake.

· Developmental works in the Indian Railways have practically come to a standstill.

· The Indian Railways have been incurring heavy losses due to accommodation of some ‘so-called’ intellectuals of her liking on different newly created committees at huge costs.

· The blowing up of railway stations, railway tracks and other valuable properties of the Indian Railways by her trusted ally the Maoists has increased manifolds.

· Most of the train donot maintain time.

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