Saturday, October 24, 2009


While flagging off Sealdah-New Delhi Durant Express on 18-09-2009 in the presence of few spineless ‘so-called’ intellectuals performing tricks and feats of jugglery, singing and dancing shamelessly to her tunes, Miss Mamata Banerjee called upon the CPI (M) to refrain from engaging in blockade of railway tracks in the larger interest of the development of state. She also alleged that the CPI (M) had been taking recourse to all types of destructive means for sabotaging railway’s properties in West Bengal so as to tarnish her image and cause inconvenience to the people. She warned the said party saying that if any accident for any reasons, whatsoever, occurred in West Bengal, the CPI (M) alone would remain responsible for the same.

But it is irony that she maintains conspicuously a studied silence over the damage caused to railways stations, trains, railway tracks and other national properties by the Maoists every now and then. At night of 02-10-2009 the Maoists have blown up the railway track in Purulia in order to make “Bharat Bandh” called in protest against the arrest of Chatradhar Mahato and Kobad Gandhi successful. In spite of being the Railways Minister, she has not uttered even a single word to condemn this damage caused to the railways. The reason is very clear. As the damage is the handiwork of her political ally, she would not obviously criticize the same on political grounds.

This sort of thing on the part of a Union Minister is not only unfortunate and regrettable but also condemnable in every respect. She should keep in mind that the Indian Railways is neither a political tool nor her personal property.

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